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salon noir

salon noir
/suh-lon /nwar / (noun)
1. is a virtual place for those who relish the periphery, know how to play dominos, and dap.
2. a gallery of art or curation of objects in a virtual space.  

 let me play jams for you 
go dj

I dedicate this to all Black Queers, Trans siblings, ancestors, and for all who go bump in the night....àse.

mask page 2.jpg
mask page 2.jpg
 enter the land of Black narrative 
the circuit

My Dearest Ntozake,
...I lay and wonder what’s next for you? I imagine you riding along an astral plane amongst celestial beings. Your skin is sequins and your hair is beaded.
(a journal excerpt) 

 projects and exhibitions 
Kente Crop_edited.png
out che'

"It is a moment in the evolutionary process, both the result of long preparation and of something profoundly original, new." - Grace Lee Boggs

mask page.jpg


 curated vintage 
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